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اثر فرانتس کافکا از انتشارات نگاه - مترجم: الهام دارچینیان-دهه 1950 میلادی

Conflict between father and son is one of the oldest themes in literature, and in this open letter to his father—a letter that was never sent—Kafka tries to come to terms with one of the most deeply rooted obsessions of his troubled soul. Written as a long, tense, and dramatic confession in which writer and man are gathered together in front of an ambivalent figure of authority, Letter to My Father is a desperate attempt to retrace the origins of a turbulent and highly conflicted relationship between an unflinching parent and an extremely sensitive child. Kafka’s inspired work is both a merciless indictment of his father and an impassioned appeal to him.

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خانواده و مذهب؛ هر دو وابستگیِ اجباری‌ای هستند که طناب اسارتشان برای همیشه به گردن ما باقی خواهد ماند.. حتی پس از مرگ.. اگر رو راست باشیم و از یکی از آنها متنفر باشیم به دیگری نیز همان حسِ مشابه را خواهیم داشت.. چرا که اگر به مذهبی معتقد باشیم که از پدر و مادرمان به ما رسیده، هر دو به یک معنا در دل و جان ما رسوخ خواهند کرد و آزادی، اعتماد به نفس و راه زندگی مان را دستخوش تغییراتِ اساسی‌ای خواهند کرد.
کافکای عزیز ببخش که نامه‌هایی این چنین خصوصی از تو را خواندم.. اما بدان در دنیایِ سیاه و تاریکت تنها نیستی..

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در آن زمان من از هر جهت و در همه جا احتیاج به تشویق داشتم، چون هیکل و جسم تو به تنهایی برای خوار کردن من کافی بود.مثلا یادم هست وقتی که در حمام در یک اتاقک لباسمان را می کندیم چه وضعی داشتیم.من لاغر، ضعیف و باریک اندام ،تو قدی بلند و چهارشانه.من خودم را در همان اتاقک فلاکت بار می دیدم و نه فقط در قبال تو بلکه در قبال تمام دنیا چون معیار همه چیزها برای من تو بودی.

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Having read the Judgment just yesterday and while the story is still fresh in my memory, I could not help but notice the similarities between Georg and Franz. They both feared of getting married, had a terrible relationship with their father, feared their father, had a judgemental and unsupportive father...and last but not least the fancy blouse and the skirt...Yes obviously Kafkas works are confessional and kind of autobiographical even in the metamorphosis Gregor Samsa and Franz have things in common, the most obvious and important· the guilt.
Its a thing I love about Kafka.

As for the letter, oh my God, I cannot imagine how painful it must have been for Kafka to be psychologically abused by his own father, whose manners and methods were cruel and ugly!
Kafka said and I quote:

@Even years afterwards I suffered from the tormenting fancy that the huge man, my father, the ultimate authority, would come almost for no reason at all and take me out of the bed in the night and carry me out, on the pavlatche and that consequently I meant absolutely nothing as far as he was [email protected]

@[...] not even your mistrust of others is as great as my self- mistrust, which you have bred in [email protected]

@I was soon finished off; what remained was flight, embitterment, melancholy and inner [email protected]

Someone said that when we are kids we tend to turn minor things into huge problems but that is not the case with Kafka and the fact that he wrote this letter at the age of 36 I suppose proves it. There are wounds that dont heal, unfortunately, and he couldnt move past them.

I left out many things that I have underlined because the review is already too long. Also, I cannot put in words the feelings this letter gave me. I found myself wondering, crying and comprehending things that i have left unnoticed..
Lastly, Kafka is one of those authors whom, if I ever had the chance to meet, Id like to hug tightly. How tormented and depressed he was pains me, and all that because of his fathers abuse and coldness. I shall copy the letter and throw it in the faces of a few people I know... God its depressing how parents treat their OWN children... Its just awful.

Never mind, read it if you please.

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A letter that never reached his destiny.

Franz Kafka lived all his childhood in the fear of his father, an authoritarian and malicious man. As an adult, while the fear of this father still exists, in this letter addressed to him, Franz Kafka tries to analyze the consequences of this destructive relationship. This paternal domination has made him an anguished, solitary and introverted man, unable to commit himself to a lasting relationship.

An anguish that also gave birth and carried an incomparable work.

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A carta que o seu pai não leu, por devolução da mãe apaziguadora, lemos nós agora, por sorte. Em cada frase, Franz derrama toda a angústia, tristeza e natureza do seu pobre ser, que considera serem frutos de uma figura paternal assustadora e distante.

@Os recursos oratórios a que recorrias para a minha educação, extremamente eficazes e produzindo sempre efeito sobre mim, eram: o insulto, a ameaça, a ironia, o riso maligno e - coisa curiosa - a lamentação sobre ti pró[email protected] (p. 26)

@O que eu escrevia tratava de ti, e na escrita só me lamentava do que não podia lamentar no teu [email protected] (p. 62)

@Casar, formar uma família, aceitar todos os filhos que vierem, mantê-los neste mundo inseguro e ainda ter de os guiar um pouco é, em minha opinião, o máximo que uma pessoa pode fazer. O facto de aparentemente muitos o fazerem não constitui prova em contrário: primeiro, porque de facto não são assim tantos aqueles que o conseguem, e depois, porque mesmo esses poucos não o «fazem», são as coisas que lhes «acontecem»@ (p. 71)

@chegámos a um ponto tão próximo da verdade que nos permite a ambos ficar um pouco mais tranquilos e tornar mais fáceis a vida e a [email protected] (p. 89)

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Η επιστολή αυτή αποτελεί όχι μονο το κλειδί για να κατανοήσουμε ή έστω να προσεγγίσουμε τον κόσμο του Κάφκα (λογοτεχνικό και πραγματικό) αλλα και τρανή απόδειξη ότι η σχέση με τον πατέρα του ήταν ευχή και κατάρα. Όξυνε την ικανότητα του να παρατηρεί, να αναλύει, να λεπτολογεί, να είναι ακριβής καθοδηγούμενος από μια εσωτερική ανάγκη για να δεί τα πράγματα στο σωστό τους μέγεθος. Όλα αυτά τα χαρακτηριστικά αποτελούν τον λογοτεχνικό Κάφκα που παραμένει αδιαχώριστος από τον πραγματικό (ίσως και λίγο αξεδιάλυτος σε σημεία αλλα αυτή είναι η γοητεία του). Τέλος θα τον έκανα μια αγκαλιά κι ας μην ήθελε λογω υποχονδρίας.

(Ο Φραντς με έβγαλε από τον κόπο να γράψω εκείνο το γράμμα που ήθελα από καιρό αλλα δε θα το έκανα ποτέ σωστά γιατί μου λείπει η ικανότητα του)

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The first page of Kafkas letter to his father
From Feedback to Reflux: Kafkas Cybernetics of Revolt, by Tom McCarthy
Publishers Note

--Letter to the Father/Brief an den Vater

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